Self Scheduling via the patient portal for sick visits

ALL Pediatrics is pleased to offer self scheduling for minor illnesses. This service is for established patients over 3 months of age.  We are unable to address chronic issues such as long term medical conditions, special health care needs or behavioral/developmental concerns.

Self scheduling is for minor illnesses such as:

·       Fever (72 hours or less)

·       Ear pain

·       Cold symptoms

·       Diarrhea and vomiting

·       Pink eye

·       Minor injuries

·       Rashes

·       Sore throat

Our goal is to provide timely and quality care in your child’s medical home.  If you have a child with special health care needs, a child with a chronic condition or symptoms lasting more than 72 hours, we ask that you call to schedule an appointment so that our staff can schedule the appropriate visit time. 

We currently have 1/3 of our same day sick appointments available for self scheduling.  If you don’t see an available appointment, please call our office.  Our goal is to always see sick children the same day!

If you self schedule an appointment for an illness or concern that does not meet the above criteria, our staff will ask you to reschedule.  If you have questions, please contact our office.

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