Pediatric immunization Schedule in Alexandria, VA

Pediatric Immunizations in Woodbridge, Lorton & Alexandria, VA

ALL Pediatrics follows the immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. For descriptions of these vaccines and the diseases they protect against, please visit or

For detailed information sheets published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) please visit

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2 weeksHBV
2 monthsPentacel, Pheumococcal,
Rotateq, HBV
4 monthsPentacel, Pneumococcal,
6 monthsPentacel, Pneumococcal,
9 monthsHBV
12 monthsMMR, Pneumococcal,
Hep A
15 monthsPentacel, Varivax
18 months
24 monthsHep A
30 months
3 year
4 yearProQuad , Dtap , IPV
5 year
6 to 9 year
10 years
11+ yearsTdap, Menactra,

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