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February schedule now open

Our February schedule is now open. You can book directly from our website at

If you have a child that is due for a well visit,  (older than 2 years of age), but are not able to find an appointment, we ask that you place your child on our waitlist; we will use the waitlist aggressively when respiratory illnesses decrease.
You may add your child to the waitlist by sending a portal message. Please add the office you prefer to be seen at as well as any provider preference.

Holiday Hours

During the holiday season, our hours will change so that our physicians and staff can spend extra with their families. We will always be available by phone; you may reach our on call nurse service by calling 703 436 1200 and following the prompts. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!

Flu and RSV info

Our Triage Nurses are overwhelmed by volume! If you have a question that is not urgent, we will return your call when we have time. **Please note that all of the local urgent cares and emergency rooms are also overwhelmed by volume.**
For general questions about Flu and RSV, please reference the website. Please see these specific links for Flu and RSV.

Flu: What Parents need to know

RSV: When it is more than just a cold

Update from Dr. Caplan

Good Morning,

I wanted to take a moment to address the frustration you must feel regarding appointment availability and the paucity of vaccine clinics. Believe me, we share in your frustration. There has been a confluence of events that have led us here.

– Demand for well visits is up considerably (many people delayed routine care during the pandemic).
– Staffing (not unlike the rest of the nation) the offices has been very difficult.
– Mental health visits have increased significantly.
– Unusually busy respiratory virus season

These are not excuses but a recognition of the reality of our practice.
I would like to take this opportunity to advocate strongly for influenza and COVID vaccinations for your child. As mentioned above, already the respiratory viral burden is unprecedented. I am aware of the difficulty of obtaining these vaccines in our clinic, however, other community resources are available and do a very good job (please see links in the comments for resources).

We are very proud of our call center staff, triage nurses, floor nurses and providers. They are working tirelessly to care for our ALL Pediatrics community of families.

Michael S. Caplan MD
Managing Partner
All Pediatrics

December schedule now open

Our December schedule is now open.

You can book your appointment right from our website at

When searching for an appointment please take note that no well check appointments will be available from December 19 to the 30th.

Important update for new families

The physicians and staff at ALL Pediatrics are committed to providing exceptional care to children. Like many pediatricians, we have been overwhelmed by increased volume from COVID. Unfortunately, we must pause on accepting new families into our practice. We will continue to accept all newborns. We will also accept siblings of established patients. We will post monthly updates regarding new patient availability.

We apologize for any difficulties this may cause, and thank you for bearing with us and being respectful to our dedicated staff during this extraordinary time