Important Covid-19 news

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: We have block scheduling to separate well children and sick children. We are calling families about 4-5 days before the appointment to reschedule the well visit to the appropriate block of time.  Our goal is to minimize any exposure to illness when your family is in our office. Our staff is cleaning exam rooms thoroughly between patients and you may wait in your car if the provider is delayed.

·        Sick visits can be done by telehealth during all office hours. If a child needs to be examined, we will see them in the afternoon schedule ONLY.

·        Since many children (and parents) are at home and due for well visits, we encourage you to schedule an appointment now to avoid the inevitable summer rush. We have appointments open now with your favorite providers 🙂

·        To minimize the number of people entering our offices and waiting areas; it is extremely important that you bring only the child with an appointment and one parent. All other family members should remain at home.

·        We ask that families wear masks to our office (for children over 2 years of age). We have a limited number of masks due to the nationwide PPE shortage. If you are unable to make or find a mask, please be assured that all of our staff will be wearing masks.

·        As your family’s medical home, we want to partner with you to provide the best care for your child. Please call us before taking your children to an urgent care clinic.

·         If you believe your child has been exposed to COVID 19 or has symptoms consistent with COVID 19, please call us to schedule a video visit. We will make every effort to coordinate testing for your child.

·        We continue to provide exceptional care in your child’s medical home.

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