Patricia McGinnis, CPNP-PC/AC

Patricia (Trish) McGinnis, CPNP-PC/AC is an Alexandria native, and attended the former St. Mary’s Academy here in Alexandria. Trish attended Catholic University of America where she obtained both her BS and Master’s degrees in nursing, as well as going on to complete the advanced study needed to obtain her PNP there as well.

Trish joined ALL Pediatrics in 1995. Her special interest is in breastfeeding, and Trish completed a year long internship in lactation in 2001 to better assist our patients’ moms who need extra help to be able to provide this special benefit to their babies. Trish currently resides in Alexandria with husband Bill and their four sons (Sam the oldest, William, Matthew, and their youngest son Daniel who was born in 2004). They also share their home with Gabby, a short hair St. Bernard.

The family loves to travel, and tries to take full advantage of the international fairs and festivals available to those living in the DC area. Trish’s philosophy of care is summarized in the following statement: “My ongoing goal is to form a partnership with my patients and their families to provide the most complete holistic care possible. I strive to foster a trust relationship that deepens over the years. I try to take into account all the circumstances that lead to health and the circumstances that would resolve illness”.