COVID-19 Vaccine Information

As your child’s medical home, we are excited to have an opportunity to vaccinate some of our youngest patients! We will be setting up COVID 19 vaccine clinics via our online scheduling system. Our staff will not be able to schedule these appointments if you call the office.

When you schedule the first appointment, please remember that we will schedule the second appointment 3 weeks later! You may schedule your child at any location but we ask that you plan to get the second and third doses at the same location!

If you would like to get your child vaccinated sooner than what we can offer, we recommend using this site to search for appointments:

We will continue to update this page with new clinics. Below are the clinics currently available for children 6 months of age to 59 months of age. If there are no available appointments showing, please do not send in a request. We will update our schedules when we have vaccine and nursing staff available.

Online Scheduling and Dates


Alexandria Office



Lakeridge Office

 9/19, 9/20

Please click here to schedule


Lorton Office